Contact Information

For Copyright permission or to book an
appearance contact Faith Ringgold's Artists assistant:
Grace Matthews
Office hours M-Th 9-4pm Pacific Time
(858) 576-0397 ph/fax San Diego, CA

Mailing address:
Faith Ringgold Inc
PO Box 8082
Englewood, NJ 07631
(201) 816-1374

Web site:

Exhibition Information and art sales:
ACA Gallery
Dorian Bergen
212 206-8080
529 West 20th street, 5th floor
NYC 10011

Literary Agent:
Marie Brown & Associates, NYC
212 939-9725


Joyce Owens said...

Dear Ms. Ringgold:

I spoke about you in my painting class today. You are such an inspiration.
I met Jewel Castro in St. Louis, not too long ago. She was great! Hope I meet you soon.

Joyce Owens

Tammy said...

Hello Faith,
I learned about you by reading "The Element". Your words "Anyone Can Fly" lept off the page at me. I used to fly when I was a child and would like to get it back.
My question is when you teach your song to children do they talk about their experiences with flying? If so , have you written a book about this? Has anyone? If not I think it should be done and I would like to try. Any advice and suggestions you might be able to give me about stimulating these conversations would be wonderfully helpful. I teach arts and crafts with all ages. Thank you so much!