Faith Ringgold

                                                        Oct 8, 1930  -  April 13, 2024

                                                    We feel a great loss in Faith's passing. 
                                                       There was big love for her,
                                                    She left her mark and her words as gifts. 

Faith Ringgold: American People Exhibition

Has traveled to the de Young's Legion of Honor 

in San Francisco, CA

Faith Ringgold: American People
July 16–November 27, 2022
de Young 

Faith & Massimiliano at New Museum Walk Through 

Feb 14, 2022 (short video)

Bringing together over fifty years of work, “Faith Ringgold: American People” provides the most comprehensive assessment to date of the artist’s impactful vision.

Faith Ringgold to get her first New York 


 at the New Museum in 2022

The exhibition will span six decades and explore Ringgold as both an artist and political activist

Basket Ball Court on St. Nickolas Ave in Sugar Hill

Dan Peterson Director, Project Backboard www.projectbackboard.org

Who is Faith Ringgold?

Makers Video (ages 12+) for even more information.

 The Story of Tar Beach

Faith Ringgold painted Tar Beach in 1988. 

Tar Beach tells a story about the time when FR was a little girl.

Andrea, a children’s book editor saw a 

poster of the Tar Beach quilt in her doctor's office.

Andrea knew loved the story so she called Faith Ringgold 

to ask if FR would make Tar Beach 

into a children’s book. It was the first children’s 

book that Faith Ringgold made, and it was a winner!

Tar Beach is in the collection of the Guggenheim 


Faith Reads Tar Beach (video)

A sweet animated video of Tar Beach is included in HBO's 

Goodnight Moon and Other Sleepytime Tales