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A new museum is coming to Harlem!
The Faith Ringgold Children’s Museum of Art and Storytelling will be sited on Sugar Hill, the epicenter of Harlem and Faith’s neighborhood of origin. A state-of-the-art “green” building design and construction is planned with contextual architectural sensitivity and innovation.
Click here for More information on the plans for the Faith Ringgold's Children's Museum “February 11, 2008 / NY 1 video" interview at ACA gallery about the progress of the museum.

Columbia Spaectator
Ringgold looks to give back to Harlem through art
A new buildling will house the Faith Ringgold Children’sMuseum, tying art and community development together in the most direct way yet.
By Sarah Darville
Published Friday 20 November 2009 01:17am EST.

A collection of quilts and photographs wove the biography of artist Faith Ringgold and her family together with the story of Harlem on Thursday night.Ringgold, whose story quilts now hang in the Guggenheim Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, grew up in Harlem. Her daughter, author Michele Wallace, presented the quilts at the offices of Broadway Housing Communities on 135th Street. Soon, they may hang in her own museum. Broadway Housing, an organization that works to provide affordable housing and community resources to prevent homelessness, is planning a new building on 155th Street. It will house the Faith Ringgold Children’s Museum, tying art and community development together in the most direct way yet.“read the article ”

Village Voice

A Thanksgiving Honor Roll:

NYC's Unsung Heroes

Lauding the oft-overlooked people in a city of celebrity
By Tom Robbins
Tuesday, November 24th 2009 at 4:01pm

This is a story about the other New York. Week in and week out, the city is dominated by spectacles of celebrity and scandal, of politicians and moguls squandering vast fortunes on self-promotion. The other New York—the one inhabited by ordinary citizens who plug away day after day doing small good deeds, by those who fight the good fight regardless of the odds—forever gets short shrift.

“read village voice article”

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