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Faith Ringgold, painter, writer, speaker, mixed media sculptor and performance artist lives and works in Englewood, New Jersey. Ms Ringgoldis professor emeritus at the University of California, San Diego where she taught art from 1984 until 2002.

Professor Ringgold is the recipient of more than 75 awards including 23 Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts Degrees. She has received fellowships and grants that include the National Endowment For the Arts Award for sculpture (1978) and for painting(1989); The La Napoule Foundation Award for painting in France (1990); The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship for painting (1987); The New York Foundation For the Arts Award for painting (1988); The American Association of University Women for travel to Africa (1976); The Creative Artists Public Service Award for painting (1971).

Ringgold’s art has been exhibited in museums and galleries in the USA, Europe, Asia, South America, the Middle East, and Africa. Her art is included in many private and public art collections including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The National Museum of American Art, The Museum of Modern Art, The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, The Boston Museum of Fine Art, The Chase Manhattan Bank Collection, The Baltimore Museum, Williams College Museum of Art, The High Museum of Fine Art, The Newark Museum, The Phillip Morris Collection, The St. Louis Art Museum and The Spencer Museum. Ms. Ringgold is represented by ACA Gallery in New York City.

Ringgold's recent painting series includes; The American Collection (1997); a series of painted story quilts in which Ringgold undertakes to rewrite African American art history. This series is an extension of Ringgold's French Collection which she began in Paris and the South of France in 1990. Many of these works were included in a traveling exhibition curated by The New Museum of Contemporary Art titled, Faith Ringgold: Dancing at the Louvre and Other Story Quilts (catalog). The theme of freedom and resilience are the common thread that runs through the Coming to Jones Road Series part 1(1999-2000). In this series images of escaped slaves are moving through distant and colorful landscapes to a new found freedom and home.

Ringgold’s public commissions include Flying Home: Harlem Heroes and Heroines, two 25 foot mosaic murals installed on the uptown and downtown platforms of the 125th street Independent Rapid Transit (7th Avenue IRT) Subway station in New York City in 1996; The Crown Heights Children's Story Quilt featuring folklore from the 12 major cultures that settled Crown Heights is installed in the library at PS 90 in Crown Heights, Brooklyn; Eugenio Maria de Hostos: A Man and His Dream, (1994) A mural celebrating the life of Eugenio Maria de Hostos for De Hostos Community College in the Bronx is installed in the atrium of the college.

Ringgold's first published book, the award winning, Tar Beach, "a book for children of all ages", was published by Random House in 1991 and has won more than 30 awards including, a Caldecott Honor and the Coretta Scott King award for the best illustrated children's book of 1991. The book, Tar Beach, is based on the story quilt Tar Beach, from Ringgold's The Woman On A Bridge Series of 1988 and is in the permanent collection of the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. HBO included an animated version of Tar Beach in "Good Night Moon and Other Sleepy Time Lullabies." This program runs periodically on HBO and has been released as a DVD.

Ringgold has written and illustrated a total of 17 children's books including the above mentioned Tar Beach , Aunt Harriet's Underground Railroad In The Sky, My Dream of Martin Luther King and Talking to Faith Ringgold, (an autobiographical interactive art book for children of all ages), The Invisible Princess, an original African American Fairy Tale based on the quilt Born in a Cotton Field,1997 all published by Random House. Random house also released three books for pre-school age children: Counting to Tar Beach and Cassie's Colorful Day with Daddy and Cassie’s Word Quilt. Hyperion Books, a Walt Disney publisher has published Dinner at Aunt Connie's House (based on The Dinner Quilt, a painted story quilt Ringgold created in 1986 and Bonjour Lonnie. If a Bus Could Talk; The Story of Ms. Rosa Parks won the NAACP's Image Award 2000 and is available from Simon and Schuster. O Holy Night and The Three Witches and Harlem Renaissance Party are the newest books from Harper Collins. Knopf will release, We Came to America in 2016. We Flew Over the Bridge: The Memoirs of Faith RinggoldRinggold's first adult book was published by Little, Brown in 1995 and has been re-released by Duke University Press.

Ms Ringgold has a history of juring and curating exhibitions. Ms. Ringgold juried the the Mid Atlantic: Annual Juried Art Show for the Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts, PA (2006), the Appalacian Corridor Exhibition for the Avampato Discovery Museum in WV (2005), the 10th Annual National Art Competition at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri (1998) $1,500 in prizes were awarded, the Texas National Exhibition titled Art for the Year 2000 at Stephen Austin College in Nagodocies (1996) where three thousand entries were submitted and $4,500.00 in prizes were awarded. Ringgold curated the 25th anniversary exhibition of the Women’s Caucus for Art International Exhibition held in Chicago, February 1997. Ms. Ringgold supports the talent, effort, dedication and creativity of emerging artists.

Faith Ringgold's Artist Statement

I became an artist in the tumultuous 1960s. However love with being an artist. By the early 1970s I had developed both vision and voice as a black woman artist in America.

I went to West Africa in the 1970s and returned home inspired to write my memoir. We Flew Over the Bridge: The Memoirs of Faith Ringgold was published in 1995 it took me fifteen years to get it published. During that time I wrote and painted story quilts and began to create masked performances to tell my story. I had been working in collaboration with my mother, Mme Willi Posey a dressmaker and fashion designer. We made our first quilt in 1980.

News of the great jazz saxophonist, Sonny Rollins, a childhood friend, blowing his horn on the Manhattan bridge so that he would not disturb his neighbors, inspired the painted story quilt, Tar Beach. That story of Cassie Louise Lightfoot flying over the George Washington Bridge became my first children’s book. I have published 14 children’s books to date. 1990 found me in France painting the French Collection and writing the story of Willia Marie Simone, a self styled African American woman artist who went to Paris to be an artist in 1920 during the Harlem Renaissance. The American Collection came next and the story quilts and children’s books continued to document my artistic production.

In 1992 my husband, Birdie, and I moved from Harlem to Jones Road in Englewood, New Jersey to build a studio. However, our white neighbors (unsuccessfully) sought to deny us the freedom to live there. Freedom, you know, is not free--It took me six years to realize my dream of a beautiful studio surrounded by a beautiful garden. Inspiring images of my ancestors on the Underground Railroad now appeared in my new landscape paintings of Coming to Jones Road Under a Blood Red Sky. Icons of black men and women making the music the whole world loves, the music we brought to America along with the pain of slavery was now a new inspiration. “Mama Can Sing” and “Papa Can Blow” are the ever reassuring realities of black life I depend on during difficult times.

Recent work includes Our Ancestors: stories about the worlds children who faced with life in a world at war have forgotten how to play. We call upon our ancestors who would surely bring love and happiness into their lives? Where would we have been without them?

It is 2007 and I have just completed a series of 8 serigraphs for publication of Martin Luther King’s Letter From Birmingham City Jail, in which he masterfully details our struggle for freedom for which he paid with his life. The 1960s, the majestic words of freedom and peaceful solutions to The Struggle in America are all quite unimaginable without the presence of Martin Luther King Jr. A tribute I feel honored to create.

Faith Ringgold


1930 Born October 8th at Harlem Hospital in New York City to Andrew Louis Jones, Sr. and Willi Posey Jones. She has two older siblings, An-drew and Barbara. Frequently sick with asthma as a small child; art becomes a major pastime.

1942 Her family moves from the “Valley” to Sugar Hill in Harlem.

1950 Marries Robert Earl Wallace, a classical and jazz pianist while majoring in art at the City College of New York. Obtains first studio space for independent oil painting projects in their apartment at 365 Edgecombe Avenue.

1952 Has two children: Michele Faith Wallace, January 4th; Barbara Faith Wallace, December 15th.

1954 Permanent separation and divorce proceed-ings begin, completed in 1956.

1955 Graduates from the City College of New York with B.S. in Fine Art and Education. Begins teaching art in the New York City public schools (1955-1973). It is now that Faith first heard of James Baldwin through his baby sister, Paula, who was a student of Faith’s.

1957 First of many summers spent in Province-town, Massachusetts, doing oil paintings of houses, landscapes, fishing boats, ocean.

1959 Completes M.A. in art at the City College of New York.

1961 First trip to Europe (with mother and daughters) aboard the S.S. Liberte. Tours the muse-ums of Paris, Nice, Florence and Rome. Brother dies while they are in Rome, causing them to return to the U.S. abruptly. Faith’s dining area in her home becomes studio space.

1962 Marries Burdette Ringgold, May 19th.

1963 Does first political paintings. During a sum-mer at Oaks Bluff on Martha’s Vineyard, de-velops first mature painting style, content in-fluenced by writings of James Baldwin and Amiri Baraka (then Leroi Jones), which she calls “super realism.” Paints The American People series of oil paintings (1963-1967).

1964 Begins search for a New York Gallery. Writes letters to Romare Bearden and Hale Woodruff in an attempt to join Spiral, the black artists group, and to exhibit in the first Black Arts Festival in Senegal. Unsuccessful on both counts.

1965 Meets Leroi Jones at his Black Arts Repertory Theatre and School in Harlem.

1966 Participates in the first black exhibition in Harlem since the ‘30s. Meets Romare Bearden, Ernie Crichlow, Norman Lewis, Charles Alston, Hale Woodruff, Betty Blay-ton; first real contact with black artists. Joins Spectrum Gallery on 57th Street, Robert Newman, Director.

1967 Paints first murals: The Flag is Bleeding, U.S. Postage Stamp Commemorating the Advent of Black Power, Die, while daughters are in Europe for the summer. First one-person show at Spectrum Gallery. Meets James Porter of Howard University who buys painting from American People series. Begins development of “Black Light” using palette of darkened colors, in pursuit of a more affirmative black aesthetic.

1968 Participates in benefit exhibition for Martin Luther King, Jr. at The Museum of Modern Art. Meets Jacob Lawrence, Henri Ghent and Ed Taylor. Initiates first demonstration of black artists at the Whitney Museum. Joins Art Workers Coalition. Meets Lucy Lippard, Carl Andre and Lil Picard. Demonstrates with Tom Lloyd, light sculptor, against MOMA to achieve a black artist wing for Martin Luther King, Jr. Instead, their efforts result in two blacks for the Board of Trustees of the museum and major exhibitions there for two artists in 1971.

1969 Paints Flag for the Moon Die Nigger as a response to first U.S. moon shot. Begins series of political posters. Daughters in Mexico for the summer. Father dies.

1970 Has second one person show: America Black, featuring “Black Light” paintings, at Spec-trum Gallery. Begins teaching at Bank Street, Pratt Institute and Wagner College. Meets Robert Morris and Poppy Johnson, through Art Strike. Participates in demonstrations of Ad Hoc Women’s Art Group against the Whitney Museum. Her particular contribu-tions results in the inclusion of Betye Saar and Barbara Chase-Riboud in the Whitney Sculp-ture Biennial, making them the first black women ever to exhibit at the Whitney. Does first dolls, Family of Woman Masks, and Slave Rape Series of paintings. Collaborates with Willi Posey (her mother, who was a fashion designer) on costumes for masks and tankas for paintings.

1971 Co-founds Where We At, black artists group. Guest curator of Where We At show at Acts of Art Gallery. Meets Kay Brown and Dinga Mc-Cannon. Does United States of Attica poster. Wins CAPS Grant to do mural for The Women’s House of Detention. As a result of doing a television show called On Free Time (PBS), hosted by Julius Lester, meets Louise Nevelson, Alice Neel and Pat Mainardi.

1972 Permanent installation at the Women’s House of Detention on Riker’s Island of For the Women’s House, which uses all-female im-agery for the first time. As a result of this Art without Walls (an artists’ group to bring art to prison inmates) is formed. Develops tankas (soft cloth frames) after seeing an exhibition of Tibetan art at the Rijk Museum in Amsterdam.Puts political posters and feminist papers in Documenta in Kassel, Germany. Participates in First American Women Artists Show in Hamburg. Begins lecture tours and traveling exhibitions to colleges and universities around the country.

1973 Ten-year retrospective at Voorhees Gallery at Rutgers University. Resigns from teaching position in New York City Public Schools to continue touring and to make art full time. Does first dolls, Family of Woman series.

1974 Develops hanging soft sculptures: Wilt and Couple series, both series feature painted coco-nut heads. Does Windows of the Wedding series, abstract paintings based on African Kuba de-sign, and uses them as environment for soft sculptures. Michele graduates from City Col-lege and Barbara completes her senior year of college at the University of London.

1975 Curates 11 in New York, black women’s show at Women’s Interarts Center. Begins to do art performances with masks and costumes. Does first stuffed figures Zora & Fish (bag man and woman), first portrait masks of Harlem Series, which includes Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. and Martin Luther King, Jr. Develops applique’ soft masks for workshop at Univer-sity of Wisconsin. Barbara graduates with a Linguistics at the University of London, stays on to do graduate work.

1976 Artist-in-Residence at Wilson College, where she develops The Wake and Resurrection of the Bicentennial Negro, an environmental performance piece. Co-director with Monica Freeman, Margo Jefferson, Pat Jones and Michele Wallace of The Sojourner Truth Festival of the Arts, which is held at The Women’s Interarts Center and includes exhibition of Dear Joanna letters, a documentation piece. Goes to Africa for the first time. Tours Ghana and Nigeria to see art and people.

1977 Participates in Festac 77 in Lagos, Nigeria. Does first free standing soft sculptures, Women on a Pedestal series. Begins writing autobiography Being My Own Woman.Daughter Barbara receives graduate diploma from the University of London, returns to U.S. to do Ph.D. in African Linguistics at City University Graduate Center. Mother remarries. Meets Moira Roth.

1978 Receives National Endowment for the Arts Award for sculpture. Develops Ringgold Doll and Harlem ‘78, a series of soft sculptures and public participation graffiti mural.

1979 Develops International Dolls Collection and Ringgold Doll Kits (Sew Real). Michele publishes first book, Black Macho and the Myth of the Superwoman, appears on the cover of Ms. Magazine with picture of family inside.

1980 Faith and her mother begin work on final collaborative project, Echoes of Harlem, a quilt for Artist & Quilt show. Completes first draft of autobiography. Michele begins Ph.D. in American Studies at Yale University. Barbara marries and receives Masters of Philosophy at City University of New York (CUNY).

1981 Faith and her mother work on packaging of Ringgold Doll Kits. Does Atlanta series in memory of the children killed in Atlanta. Mother dies. Barbara divorces. Michele leaves Yale and returns home.

1982 Curates the Wild Art Show at P.S. 1 for the Women’s Caucus for Art. First grandchild, Baby Faith, born. Begins painting again at MacDowell Colony: Emanon series and Baby Faith and Willi series. Michele and she perform No Name Performance #1 at Kenkelaba House. Does painted dolls. Sister dies.

1983 Begins Dah series of paintings. Initiates Upstream Women series of workshops and panels. First excerpt from autobiography published in Confirmation: An Anthology of African American Women, edited by Amiri Baraka and Amina Baraka. Does Mother’s Quilt and first Story Quilt, Who’s Afraid of Aunt Jemima? quilt and text. Wins Wonder Woman Award from Warner Communications. Performs No Name Performance #2 in which audience dances, speaks out and, in finale, takes over the stage.

1984 Has 20 year Retrospective at Studio Museum in Harlem. Michele Wallace edits the accompanying catalogue. Is a visiting Associate Professor at University of California in San Diego. Continues painting Dah series (California Dah) to be used as a backdrop for No Name #2. Does series of aquatints called The Death of Apartheid and participates in exhibitions organized by Artists Against Apartheid. Begins printmaking as Visiting Artist at Printmaking workshop. Does etching on canvas to be used to make Story Quilts. Michele begins teaching at University of Oklahoma in Norman.

1985 Continues Story Quilts, and develops a new story-telling performance: The Bitter Nest. Appointed to a tenured position in the Visual Art Department as full professor at the University of California in San Diego, and is now bi-coastal. Sets up bicoastal living pattern of half the year in San Diego and the other half in New York. Exhibits Flag series of paintings from ‘60’s in group exhibition; Tradition & Conflict: Images of a Turbulent Decade l963-1973. Barbara marries and has second baby girl, Theodora-Michele.

1986 Receives first Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts from Moore College of Art. Joins the Bernice Steinbaum Gallery and prepares for solo show of Story Quilts in January of 1987. Loses weight (over 100 pounds) documenting this in a videotape, quilt and performance entitled Change. Faith Ringgold’s Over 100 Pounds Weight Loss Performance Story Quilt Receives Candace Award from One Hundred Black Women.

1987 Has solo show in Bernice Steinbaum Gallery with Change: Over 100 Pounds Weight Loss Performance and catalogue, followed by major articles in Arts, Art in America and other periodicals. Meets Eleanor Flomenhaft. Receives Fellowship from John Solomon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, also Public Art Fund Award from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Awarded honorary doctorate at College of Wooster, Wooster, OH. Has three one-person shows including one at The Baltimore Museum and 21 group shows, curates Home Show at Goddard Riverside Community Center. Travels to Japan for exhibit.

1988 Has solo exhibition at Bernice Steinbaum Gallery. Exhibits Tar Beach as part of the Woman on A Bridge Series. Performs Change 2: Faith Ringgold’s Over 100 Pounds Weight Loss Performance Story Quilt. Receives New York Foundation for the Arts Award (for painting); is included in Leslie Sills, “Inspirations: Stories of Women Artists for Children”

1989 Receives important honors: National Endowment For the Arts Award for painting; the La Napoule Award, to spend four months in France; the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation Award; Is commissioned to create a story quilt to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of the first black graduate, Gaius Bolin, of Williams College. And is included in “Stitched Memories: African American Story Quilts” exhibition at the Williams College Museum in Williamstown, Mass. Is included in a major survey traveling exhibition of women’s art, “Making Their Mark: Women Artists Moving Into the Mainstream” Receives honorary doctorate from alma mater, The City College Of New York. Oprah Winfrey commissions, "Maya's Quilt" for Maya Angelou's birthday.

1990 Opens a major retrospective traveling exhibition, “Faith Ringgold: A Twenty-Five Year Survey” starts a thirteen -museum tour at the Fine Arts Museum of Long Island (FAMLI) curated by Eleanor Flomenhaft. followed by openings at The High Museum of Art at Georgia Pacific and The Arizona State Art Museum at Tempe, Arizona. Forthcoming book Tar Beach by Faith Ringgold is completed and is to be published by Crown Publishers, New York, and a silk screen edition of twenty four quilts titled Tar Beach 2 printed at the Fabric Workshop in Philadelphia. Creates the French Collection Series while painting in studios in Paris and at the La Napoule Chateau in the South of France. Meets Linda Freeman in La Napoule where she came to video Faith in the The Last Story Quilt.

1991 Returned to Paris and took an apartment at the Hotel Ferrandi on rue de Cher Che Midi while making sketches for part 2 (pertaining to Gertrude Stein and Josephine Baker) in the French Collection Series. Completed nine of the series and Change 3, a nude appraisal of forty years of weight loss and gain. Moved to a studio in the garment district in New York to work on a large scale mural, A Percent For Art Commission for Public School P.S. 22 in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Tar Beach her first children’s book was published by Crown Publishers in January of 1991. Continued tour of “Faith Ringgold: A Twenty-Five Year Survey” at Miami University Art Museum, Oxford, OH; Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, N.Y.; Pensacola Museum of Art, Pensacola, Florida; African American Museum of Fine Arts, Los Angeles, California.
Receives an Honorary Doctorate in Fine Art from her Alma Mater, The City College of New York and another Honorary Doctorate from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston.

1992 Received The New York Times Best Children’s Book Award, a Caldecott Honor for the best illustrated children’s book of 1991 and The Coretta Scott King Award for the best illustrated book by an African American. Her second children’s book, Aunt Harriet’s Underground Railroad in the Sky, was published by Crown publishers. French Collection exhibition opened at the Bernice Steinbaum Gallery in New York City. Severed relations with the Bernice Steinbaum Gallery and resumed self-representation in a new studio on West 38th Street in New York. Bought a ranch house in Englewood, New Jersey with plans to build a studio in the country. Recieved a commission from the Metropolitan Transit Authority to create two thirty foot mosaic murals in the 125th street IRT subway station platform. Continued tour of twenty-five year survey: Museum of Art Davenport, Iowa; University of Michigan Museum of Art, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Women’s Center Gallery, University of California, Santa Barbara, Ca., Mills College Art Gallery, Oakland, Ca.; Tacoma Museum, Tacoma, Washington through the end of February 1993. Receives Honorary Doctorate in Fine Art from Brockport State University in Brockport, New York and another Honorary Doctorate of Fine Art from the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, California.

1993 Received a National Endowment for the Arts travel award to collaborate with Moira Roth on the Moroccan Holiday the last of the French Collection. Travels to Tangier, Morocco to prepare texts and drawings for the quilt. Returns to apartment at the Hotel Ferrandi on rue de Cher Che Midi in Paris. Met Michel Fabre at the Sorbonne and talked about the African American in Paris. Published Dinner at Aunt Connie’s House at Hyperion Books. This book is based on the story quilt, The Dinner Quilt, created in 1988. She recieves an Honorary Doctorate at the California College of Arts and Crafts, meets Marlon Riggs, the celebrated filmmaker. Creates The Black Family Dinner Quilt, in tribute to Mary McLeod Bethune and Dr. Dorothy Height, and donates it to the museum of the National Association of Negro Women. The Children’s Museum of Manhattan mounts an exhibition of Tar Beach. Receives commission to create a nine by seventeen foot painted mural based on the life of Eugenio Maria de Hostos, the Man and His Dream for de Hostos Community College.

1994 Begins rewriting autobiography We Flew Over The Bridge with Moira Roth as editor. The first editing session begins in Paris in January during the African American in Paris Conference at the Luxembourg Gardens. Howardina Pindell, Lorna Simpson, Bette Saar, Sam Gilliam attend the conference which is organized by Raymond Saunders and Maica Sancone. Moved back to Harlem studio in preparation for building a new studio in Englewood, New Jersey. Participates in two major exhibitions abroad, Cocido Y Crudo, curated by Dan Cameron, in Madrid, Spain at the Museo National Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, and the Cairo Biennial, in Cairo, Egypt. Joined Bob Blackburn, Mel Edwards, Kay Walkingstick, Juan Sanchez and Michael Kelly Williams in Egypt for the opening. The exhibition slated to travel throughout East Africa and the Middle East was curated by Debbie Cullen of the Printmaking Workshop. Completed and now installed, the painted quilt, Eugenia Maria de Hostos, a Man and his Dream , now hangs in the atrium of De Hostos Community College. Also completed Le Cafe des Artistes, #11 of part 2 of the French Collection and a painted quilt entitled Marlon’s Quilt in memoriam to Marlon Riggs who died of AIDS in 1994. The sale of this quilt to benefit AIDS care and research. Receives seventh honorary doctorate from (RISD) Rhode Island School of Design. On June 10, Birdie and Faith attend a black tie dinner in the Rose Garden of the White House, seated next to Hillary Clinton. Faith delivers gifts of a life size Cassie Doll to Chelsea and a painting Faith had made for Clinton’s inauguration of the Clinton family flying from Arkansas to the White House in Washington, DC. ”Four good years 1993 to 1997 and then four more,” is written across the sky.

1995 On May 19, attends the 75th Anniversary of the Women’s Bureau of the Department of Labor at the White House. Is commissioned to create a benefit poster titled, Women’s Work Counts to celebrate the occasion. The original art is exhibited at the White House and later at the Department of Labor. Received the Townsend Harris Medal from the City College of New York Alumni Association. Published four books in this year: We Flew Over the Bridge: The Memoirs of Faith Ringgold, (Little, Brown and Company) my first adult book, and three children’s books: My Dream of Martin Luther King, and Talking to Faith Ringgold, (Crown Publishers) an autobiography for children, with Nancy Roucher and Linda Freeman. An artist’s book: 7 Passages to a Flight was published by Brighton Press in San Diego, California. Visited Damascus, Syria when the Cairo Biennial toured the Middle East. Is now represented by the ACA Gallery in New York and has her first solo show there.

1996 Exhibits in Consensus and Conflict: The Flag in American Art, a traveling group show curated by the Whitney Museum of American Art At Champion opened on July 18, 1996. Published her fifth children’s book: Bonjour Lonnie (Hyperion) and was invited to exhibit Flag for the Moon: Die Nigger (1967) in Face a L’ Histoire at the Pompidou Center. Returned to Paris for the exhibition and stayed at the Hotel le Bretonnerie on St. Crois de Bretonnerie. Moira goes too and does first interview for the catalogue for the upcoming traveling exhibition, curated by Dan Cameron at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, Dancing at the Louvre: The French and American Collections and other Story Quilts. Ringgold received her ninth Honorary Doctorate at the Russell Sage College. Crown Heights Children’s History Quilt installed at P.S. 90 in Crown Heights in Brooklyn. Ringgold begins painting the American Collection for the upcoming exhibition at the New Museum of Contemporary Art. Receives a Doctor of Fine Arts from the Parsons School of Design, and another Doctor of Fine Arts from the Russell Sage College in Boston, Massachusetts.

1997 Receives Honorary Doctorate of Education at Wheelock College, in Boston, a Doctor of Philosophy from Molloy College in New York, and New Jersey Artist of the Year Award from New Jersey Center for the Arts. Spent most of 1997 in California painting the American Collection Series while her studio and garden in Englewood, New Jersey was under construction.

1998 The Invisible Princess was published by Crown Books for Young Readers. Dancing at the Louvre: Faith Ringgold’s French Collection and Other Story Quilts, a traveling show curated by Dan Cameron for the New Museum in New York City, opens at the Akron Museum in Akron, Ohio.

1999 Art studio and garden completed on Jones Road in Englewood, New Jersey. First Anyone Can Fly Foundation Garden Party on October 1, 1999. The Foundation’s mission to expand the art establishment canon to include artists working in the tradition of the African Diaspora (born from 1765 to 1920) and to introduce those artists and art traditions to kids as well as adult audiences. Began a series of paintings (Faith’s Garden Party #1,2 and 3) of the attendees from photographs taken of them in the garden. Coming to Jones Road, Part 1, a series of eight story quilts “inspired” by neighbors’ attempts to prevent construction of studio are begun in new studio. Published three children’s books: If a Bus Could Talk: The Story of Rosa Parks for Simon and Schuster, Cassie’s Colorful Day and Counting to Tar Beach for Crown Books for Young Readers. Receives an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from the Bank Street College of Education and a Doctor of Fine Arts from Marymount Manhattan College in New York City.

2000 Racial Questions and Answers, a conceptual study begins an online survey of race and color in America. Coming to Jones Road Part 1 completed, and a solo exhibition opens at ACA Galleries in New York City. Receives the 31st NAACP Image Award for Best Children’s Book If a Bus Could Talk:The Story of Rosa Parks; A New York Chapter Continental Societies Inc. First Annual Women of Distinction Award; and a Doctor of Humane Letters from Marygrove College in Detroit, Michigan, Artist in residency at Pasadena City College.

2001 Publishes Cassie’s Word Quilt, eleventh children’s book with Crown Books for Young Readers. Begins a series of Jazz Paintings in gouache and acrylics on paper.
Receives an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from William Patterson University in Wayne, New Jersey and a Doctor of Fine Arts from Chicago Institute of the Arts in Chicago, Illinois; totaling sixteen honorary doctorates received since 1986. The Anyone Can Fly Foundation, Inc. sets up a website to announce its programs at

2002 The Anyone Can Fly Foundation receives (5(O)1(c)3 tax exempt status and begins a Foundation Art Collection to benefit the Foundations Granting Programs. The last in a series of three Garden Party paintings of the attendees (1999, 2000, 2001) is completed. Retires from teaching at the University of California in San Diego. Freedom of Speech, a painting executed in Paris, France in 1990 (created for the exhibition Celebrating America’s Great Rights-The Artist’s Perspective at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) was purchased by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2000 and made into a poster in 2002. Rather quickly it became a Met Best-Seller.

2003 On The Steps at Uris Library, a commissioned painting for the Columbia University Women’s School of Business, was installed in the School of Business at Columbia University in May. Completed Illustrations for Oh Holy Night, a children’s book of Christmas Carols with a CD by The Boys Choir of Harlem to be published by Harper Collins in 2004. Contracted to do four more books with Harper Collins to be completed by 2006. Begins painting Jazz series of quilts titled Soul Suite #1: Movement in Black and Blue; Soul Suite #2: Mama Can Sing; Soul Suite #3: Papa Can Blow. Street Story Quilt (1985) purchased by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1990 was placed on display in an exhibition called: Modern Story Tellers on the first floor of the Lila Atcheson Wallace Wing (Gallery 6) in the Metropolitan on May 6 through December. A Metropolitan Museum of Art on-line exhibition: Artists View New York also includes Street Story Quilt and provides downloadable access to the text. A poster of Street Story Quilt is included in the exhibition resource kit: Art by African-American Artists: Selections From the 20th Century. One copy is free to New York Public Schools for the asking. Promoted by Tonya Lewis and Spike Lee.

2004  Traveling exhibition (continued): Selby Gallery, Ringling School of Art and Design, Sarasota, FL (January 10 – February 15)
Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild, Pittsburgh, PA Solo exhibition, December 19, 2003 - February 6, 2004

2004  American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York, NY
Invitational Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture. Awarded the Academy Award in Art, March 8 - April 4

The Opelousas Museum of Art, Opelousas, LA,
New York, New York, March 29 - August 20

Farmington Public Schools, Farmington, CT April 6 - May 19
(Traveling exhibition)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY
Concert by The Boys Choir of Harlem with a reception and book signing for O Holy Night, Christmas With the Boys Choir of Harlem (Illustrations by Faith Ringgold), December 15, 2004

2005 Jazz Stories 2004: Mama Can Sing, Papa Can Blow, ACA Galleries,
New York, December 15, 2004 - January 29, 2005 (solo exhibition)

Louisiana Art & Science Museum, Baton Rouge, LA,
January 5 - March 20, 2005 (Traveling solo exhibition)

Picture Stories: A Celebration of African American Illustrators,
Traveling exhibition organized by Smith Kramer, Inc., Spring 
2004– 2008

Morris Museum, Morristown, New Jersey, August –December
(Traveling solo exhibition)

Quick Center for the Arts, Fairfield University, Fairfield,
Connecticut, January 28 – March 4, 2006 (Traveling exhibition)

Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, Brattleboro, VT,
August 4, 2006-March 4, 2007 (Solo exhibition)

Ritz Theatre and LaVilla Museum, Jacksonville, FL
October 12, 2006-January 19, 2007 (Solo exhibition

Atheneum Museum of Art, Hartford, CT, November 15, 2006-
April 22, 2007      

Jundt Art Museum, Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA,
December 15, 2006-April 30, 2007 (Traveling solo exhibition)

 Metropolitan Transportation Authority awards Faith with a commission to do 52 civic center mosaics

Traveling group exhibition in Japan opening at Nihonbashi        
Mitsukoshi in Tokyo (4 Story quilts) January-December

Portraiture Now, National Portrait Gallery, Washington, D.C.
February 16 – August 19

Wack! Art and the Feminist Revolution, The Museum of
Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA, March 4 – July 30
(Traveling group exhibition)

Wheaton College, Norton, MA, October 11 – November 9
(Aunt Harriet’s Underground Railroad in the Sky)

Boise Art Museum, Boise, ID, December 15, 2007 – March 23, 2008 (Traveling solo exhibition)

Art in the Atrium, Inc., Creative Destinations, 16th Anniversary Exhibition of African American Art, Morris County Administration and Records Bldg, Morristown, NJ
January 25 – March 25

Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter From Birmingham City Jail,
Illustrated with 8 serigraphs by Faith Ringgold, Afterword by Dr. C.T. Vivian, Commissioned by The Limited Editions Club, NY

Arlington Arts Center, Arlington, VA
June 10 – July 19

Return: Home, Arts Council of Princeton, Contemporary Arts Center,
Princeton, NJ, June 5 – September 6

Through the Eyes of Others: African Americans in 19th Century American Art,
Fenimore Art Museum, New York Historical Association, Cooperstown, NY,
August 23 – December 31, 2008.  Traveling exhibition
Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery, Keene State College,
Keene, NH, September 8 – November 23
(Traveling solo exhibition)

Bloodline: A Quilt Exhibition, University Art Gallery, Indiana State University,
Terre Haute, IN, September 11 – October 4

Art of Resonating Fiber, Foster Tanner Fine Arts Gallery, Florida A & M
University, Tallahassee, FL, October 3, 2008 – January 23, 2009

Transformation AGO: Contemporary Art, 1960-1970, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada, November 14, 2008-2009

If I Didn’t Care: Generational Artists Discuss Cultural Histories,
The Park School, Baltimore, MD, January 30 – March 30.  Catalogue available.

Faith Ringgold, Mount Holyoke College Art Museum, South Hadley, MA,
February 9 – May 30, 2009

Dinner at Aunt Connie’s House: The Original Illustrations, Brooklyn Children’s Museum, February 2 – May 13, 2009

Faith Ringgold, ABC Carpet, New York, NY March 1 – 31, 2009

Declaration of Independence: 50 Years of Art by Faith Ringgold,
Rutgers Institute for Women and Art, Mason Gross Galleries,
New Brunswick, NJ, May 13 – June 26.  
On May 20, 2009 Faith receives an Honorary Doctorate Degree along with Sonny Rollins.

Oct 15, 2010 - Jan 9, 20177
Seductive Subversion, Women Pop Artists, 1958-1968, The
University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA, January 15-March 15;
Traveling to: Sheldon Art Museum, Lincoln, NB, July 30-Sept 24;
Brooklyn Art Museum, Brooklyn, NY,
Tufts University Art Gallery, January 20-April 3, 2011

Feb 6
Two Black Women: Faith Ringgold and Aminah Brenda Lynn
Robinson, ACA Galleries, New York, February 6–March 20, 2010

Feb 12
Nouns: Children’s Book Artists Look at People, Places and Things,
Asheville Art Museum, Asheville, NC, February 12-July 11

Sept 12
American People, Black Light: Faith Ringgold’s Paintings of the 1960s, Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase College, SUNY, Purchase, NY, September 12-December 23

Faith Ringgold: Recent Work, ACA Galleries, NY
December 2-January 29, 2011

Feb 26, 20110
2010 Black Art History Makers Award
presented by National Conference of Artists of New York
February 26, 2010 (snowed out)

Feb 27, 2010 
New York City Council Citation and Councilman Robert Jackson

June and July 2010 Mosaics installed at the Los Angeles Civic Center
On June 27,  2010 At the ACFF garden party Faith was presented with the Black Art History Makers Award from the Artists of New York award because the February ceremony had been snowed out.

Friday, May 14, 2010
Faith Ringgold received her 22nd Doctor of Fine Arts degree from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Arts at their Commencement ceremony

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 at 7pm,  
A Conversation with Faith Ringgold and Lisa Farrington, The Museum of Modern Art, NYC

June 22, 2010
 Lecture at the Chicago public library , Chicago, IL 60605

June 25, 2010 
Commencement address for the first graduating class. Thurgood Marshall Academy Lower School 276 West 151 Street Manhattan, New York 10039

November 21, 2009 - May 9, 2010 
Perspectives: Art, Craft, Design and the studio quilt curated by Michael James and Sandra Sider International Quilt Study Center
University of Nebraska – Lincoln International Quilt Study Center and Museum
review (exhibition)

February 4, 2010 - May 9, 2010 
The Chemistry of Color: Contemporary African-American Artists Columbia Museum of Art 1515 Main Street Columbia, SC Columbia Museum of Art (exhibit)

April 11- June 27,  2010 
Assembling Narratives: Quilting Impulses in Contemporary Art Dorsky Gallery Long Island City, NY 11101 exhibition brochure

May 4 - October 30, 2010 
Museum of the City of New York
1220 Fifth Ave at 103rd street (exhibit)

September 12, 2010 - December 19, 2010
American People, Black Light: Faith Ringgold's Paintings of the 1960's
Will feature the artist's two earliest series, American People (1962-1967) and Black Light (1967-1969),which have not been seen together since they were first exhibited in the late 1960s and early 1970s, with catalog.Neuberger Museum of ArtPurchase College State University of New York735 Anderson Hill Road  Purchase, NY 10577-1400

Jan 27, 2011 
Interviewed by Kevin Alexander for PBS special on the MTA's 50th anniversary

Jan 31, 2011 
Faith lectures in Savannah, GA at SCAD

On Feb 10, 2011 
the College Art Association honors Faith with the Distinguished Feminist Award. Event was held at the Met museum.

Feb 2011
Faith Ringgold works to complete a new book about Henry Ossawa Tanner for PAFA

Feb 22, 2011 
NY 1, Stephanie Simon TV spot at ACA gallery

Feb 25, 20011 
Award from John Jay College

Feb 28, 2011
Harlem Hospital Book Club

March 9, 2011
BHC Lit World New York, NY

April 7, 2011
Neuberger, Talk for Tracy Fitzpatrick’s class
Purchase, NY

May 12, 2011
Award from Womanspace
Forrestal, NJ  

May 18, 2011
Pennsylvia Acadamy of Fine Art Recption  PAFA

June 7, 2010
Women Art an Revolution film screening in NYC

Aug 13, 2011
Upstairs Gallery at L'Elegance Linens and Fine Furnishings
Oak Bluffs, MA

Sept 11, 2011
Peace Quilt exhibition in the education center
Met Museum  New York, NY

Sept 25, 2011
The Philadelphia Chapter of the Links
Philadelphia, PA

Oct 15, 2011 P
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts PAFA, reception
Philadelphia, PA

Oct 20,2011
Thelma Golding Award
AskWith Forum
Cambridge, MA

Nov 11, 2011
Lecture and quilt workshop
Foundry Art Centre
St. Charles, MO (Nov 10-12)

Nov 17, 2011
The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University
Venue: Marran Theater,
Lesley U, 34 Mellen Street,
Cambridge, Boston, MA

Dec 1, 2011
Miami Art Museum 
Miami, FL

Feb 2, 2012
American People, Black Light: Faith Ringgold’s Paintings of the 1960s
Traveling exhibition organized by Neuberger Museum of Art, 
Purchase College, SUNY, Purchase,NY on view at 
The Spelman College Museum of Fine Art
February 2 – May 19, 2012

Feb 8, 2012
Magical Visions, University Museums, 
The University of Delaware, 
Newark, DE,
February 8 – June 30, 2012

Feb 10
Thread of Life, Museum of Fine Arts, 
Florida State University, 
Tallahassee, FL
February 10 – March 25, 2012

March 2
Faith Ringgold Traveling Survey,
Foundry Art Centre, St. Charles, MO

March 2 – June 1, 2012

March 22, 2012
Lecture, More Than 60 Years Making Art

Spelman College Museum of Fine Art

Atlanta, GA

March 29, 2012

Lecture and quilt workshop, More Than 60 Years Making Art 
Randolph Macon College

Ashland, VA

May 11, 2012

Florida State U of Fine Arts
Tallahassee, Florida

July 25, 2012

Lecture, More Than 60 Years Making Art
Cincinnati Art Museum
Cincinnati, Ohio

Sept 6
Honoring Faith
Traveling exhibition 
organized by The City College of New York, 
New York, NY, 
September 6, 2012 – May 15, 2013

May 10, 2013
Museum of Fine Arts, 
Florida State University, 
Tallahassee, FL
May 10 – July 12, 2013

May 15, 2013
Honorary Doctorate from the Royal College of Art, London, England
artlyst on 27 June 2013
American contemporary artist Faith Ringgold receiving Honorary Doctorate at the Royal College of Art graduation ceremony on Friday 28 June 2013.
Royal College of Art Honorands are awarded for their significant contribution to culture and industry both internationally and in the UK. Personalities from the spheres of fine art, design, fashion, textiles and the applied arts and humanities are amongst those honoured by the College in recognition of their achievements...American-born Faith Ringgold has had an illustrious career as painter, writer, speaker, mixed media sculptor and performance artist. Professor emeritus at the University of California, San Diego where she taught art from 1987 until 2002, Faith’s work has been exhibited in museums and galleries world-wide and is included in many eminent private and public art collections. Written and illustrated by Faith, her children’s book If a Bus Could Talk; The Story of Ms. Rosa Parks won the NAACP's Image Award in 2000.

June 5, 2013 
Ringgold attends a reception at the White house

June 18 and 19, 2013
American People Black Light exhibition opens at the National Museum of Women in the Arts
Faith sits on a panel with Tracy Fitzpatric and Thom Collins, has interviews with the press and attends several receptions.

July 13, 2013
Art Hamptons  2013 Artist Lifetime Achievement Honoree

June 21
American People, Black Light: Faith Ringgold’s Paintings of the 1960s
Traveling exhibition 
organized by Neuberger Museum of Art, 
Purchase College, SUNY, 
Purchase, NY 
on view at The National Museum of Women in the Arts, 
June 21 – November 10, 2013
July 28, 2013
NPR Week-end editions with Susan Stamburg
Stories Of Race In America Captured On Quilt And Canvas

August 13, 
NPR Radio interview for Tell Me More

August 15, 2013
Etched in Collective History
Birmingham Museum of Art, 
Birmingham, Al,
August 15 – November 15, 2013

Sept 12, 2013
Conversation with Michele Wallace at the
University of Texas at Austin 
Visiting Artist Lecture Series

Austin, Texas

Sept 13, 2013
Do You See What I See? 
A Fine Art Experience for Children and Families
Traveling exhibition 
organized by La Napoule Art Foundation, 
Clews Center for the Arts, 
The Freight Building, 
Denver, CO, 
September 13 – October 14, 2013

Sept 13, 2013
Award from the National Black Arts Festival
Rialto Center for the Arts at Georgia State University
Atlanta, Georgia

Sept 19, 2013
3pm Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario

Sept 26, 2013
Finishes painting the book, Harlem Renaissance  Party for Harper Collins

Oct 1, 2013
Women Call for Peace: Global Vistas
Traveling exhibition organized by ExhibitsUSA, Mid-American Arts Alliance
 on view at John Jay Art Center, 
John Jay College of Criminal Justice, 
New York, NY, 
October 1, 2010-December 10, 2013

Jan 17, 2014 FR attends Ameri Baraca's funeral

January 17 - April 13, 2014
Opening Reception: Sunday, January 26, 1 pm - 4 pm
Visual Art Center of New Jersey
68 Elm Street, Summit, NJ 07901

January 26 attends Women Choose Women luncheon/ reception

January 28, 2014 
Faith Ringgold attends Art Miami

Feb 11, 2014  
Print design proof accepted by the NY print club

Feb 12, 2014  
Volunteer visit to Harlem Hospital Schools

February 3, 2014 – April 10, 2014
Body Conscious Exhibition
Laia Abril, Beth B., Maureen Connor, Katya Grokhovsky, Ariane Lopez-Huici, L.A. Raeven, Faith Ringgold, Martha Rosler, Ivonne Thein
Curated by Emily L. Newman
Amelie A. Wallace Gallery, Campus Center, Main Level, SUNY College at Old Westbury, Route 107, Old Westbury, New York 11568 
For further information about the exhibition, please contact Gallery Director Hyewon Yi at or 646-421-5863. Please visit our gallery Facebook  

Feb 19 -22, 2014  
Artists in residency at Notre Dame University, worked on developing a print with Joe Sugura, gave a lecture and 2 workshops.

Feb 28, 2014
FR Appearance Mickelton, NJ school

March 5, 2014
FR attends the Post Picasso exhibition at the Museu Picasso in Barcelona, Spain. Faith Ringgold's painting, "Die" was included in this exhibition
March 6 – June 29,  2014
Vernissage and press conference: 5th March 2014
Curator: Michael FitzGerald

This is the first exhibition dedicated to tracing the impact of Picasso on international contemporary art. Curated by renowned expert Michael FitzGerald, the show will explore the considerable influence of Picasso's oeuvre on the art of today.

March 6, 2014
FR Appearance San Jose Quilt Museum

March 7, 2014
 FR Appearance at Art in action, Menlo Park, Ca

March 30 - June 8, 2014
Stories and Journeys: 
The Art of Faith Ringgold and Aminah Robinson
Mattatuck Museum
144 West Main Street
Waterbury, CT 06702
(203) 753-0381

April 5, 2014
FR Attended Paper Jam Gala to benefit the Neuberger Art Museum inn Purchase, NY (donated MLK book)

April 25, 2014
FR Went to the Guggenheim with Michele Wallace for the Carrie Mae Weems event

April 26, 2014
Created a globe as a donation for the Pure Earth Fundraising event and attended gala

April 29, Juried art work for:
TCNJ’s 2014 K-12 New Jersey Student Art Exhibition
Art, Innovation, and Ideas
Art Exhibition: June 1 – 22, 2014

May 2 – June 2, 2014
Billboard: Faith Ringgold Groovin High
Next to the High Line at 18th Street and 10th Avenue See more at:

May 9, 2014
FR attended Authors night for the Thurgood Marshall Academy

May 14 -15, 2014
Lecture appearance for Arts at Large in Miwaukee, WI

May 21, 2014
AWARD: Peace Development Fund honors FAITH RINGGOLD
for her commitment to social justice @ ACA GALLERIES

October 9, 2014
Honored by the National Association of Women Artsists (NAWA) 125th Anniversary
Location: Wald and Po Kim Gallery
417 Lafayette Street, Fourth Floor, NYC

October 14, 2014
Groundswell Award
110 East 25th Street, NYC

October 15, 2014
Artists' Fellowship, Inc.
Benjamin West Clinedinst Award 
Location: The Manhattan Penthouse, 80 Fifth Avenue, 
New York City


January  2015 Harlem Renaissance Party released/ published by Harper Hollins

April 24, 2015
Faith attends an artist reception at the Whitney for, America is Hard to See, inaugural exhibition at the Whitney's new site. Artwork included: Women Free Angela, 1971. NYC

June 20, 2014 Attends conference in San Diego and collects an award from the
American Association of University Women (AAUW)
2015 AAUW Alumnae Recognition Award
Conference in San Diego, CA 
AAUW Creative Arts Award Fellowship in 1976 

Aug 2015 Faith finishes book, We Came to America (Random House/Knopf) release date May 2016

Sept 11, 2015 Signs paperwork for the Faith Ringgold study room at the David Driskell Center, University of Maryland

Sept 15, 2016 Attends auction at Swann gallery. Maya's Quilt of life sells for over $400,000. to Crystal Bridges Museum in Arkansas.

October 4, 2015. Picasso's studio (French Collection quilt) included in an exhibition in Paris.
October 7, 2015 - February 29, 2016
The Grand Palais
Paris, France

October 8, 2015
Birthday and ACFF auction at ACA Gallery

Jan 27
Harlem Renaissance Party book published by Harper Collins is released

December 2015
A Letter to My Daughter Michele, Faith self published


March 18-19, 2016   Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

April 7, 2016 Swann Auction

Mark Rossier, Faith Ringgold and Judy Brodsky

April 12, 2016 NYFA, Hall of Fame Award

April 13, 2013  RISD lecture

May 10, 2016 We Came to America, book release

May17, 2016  City Arts Award Gala Dinner. Faith made an
 award brick and presented it ti Elly Flomenhaft

July 14, MoMA installs, Die their new acquisition. 
Faith Ringgold in background with unknown museum visitor. 

Honorary Doctorates

1 Moore College of Art
Degree:Fine Art 1986
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2 College of Wooster
Degree: Fine Art 1987
Wooster, Ohio

3 Massachucettes College of Art
Degree: Fine Art 1991
Boston Massachucettes

4 The City College of New York (CCNY)
Degree:Fine Art 1991
New York New York

5 Brockport State University
Degree: Fine Art 1992
Brockpor, New York

6 California College of Arts and crafts
Degree: Fine Art 1993
Oakland, California

7 Rhode Island School of Art and Design
Degree: Fine Art 1994
Providence, Rhode Island

8 Parsons School of Design
Degree: Fine Art 1996
New York, New York

9 Russell Sage
Degree: Fine Art 1996
Troy, New York
10 Wheelock
Degree: Education 1997
Boston, Massachcettes

11 Molloy College
Degree: Humane Ltrs 1997
Rockville Center, New York

12 Bank Street College
Degree: Humane Ltrs 1999
New York, New York

13 Marymount College
Degree: Fine Art 1999
New York, New York

14 Marygrove College
Degree: Humane Ltrs 2000
Detroit, Michigan

15 William Pattersn University
Degree: Humane Ltrs 2001
Patterson, New Jersey

16 Chicago College of Arts Institute
Degree: Fine Art 2001
Chicago, Illinois

17 Saint Joseph College
Degree: Fine Art 2004
West Hartford, Connecticut

18 Bloomfield College
Degree: Humane Ltrs 2005
Bloomfield, New Jersey

19 Lafayette College
Degree: Humane Ltrs 2007
Easton, Pennsylvania

20 University of Michigan
Degree: Humane Ltrs 2008
Ann Arbor, Michigan

21 Rutgers University
Degree: Humane Ltrs 2009
New Brunswick, New Jersey

22. Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA)
118-128 N. Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19102

May 14, 2010

23. Royal College of Art

Royal College of Art
Kensington Gore
London SW7 2EU
May 15, 2013


1- 1971 The Creative Artists Public Service Award for painting

2- 1976 The American Association of University Women for travel to West Africa,

3- 1980 The National Endowment for the Arts Award for sculpture, 1978 and for painting

4- 1987 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship for painting

5 -1988 The New York Foundation for Arts Award for painting New York, New York.

6 - 1989 National Endowment for the Arts Award for Painting (NEA), Washington, D.C.

7- 1989 Fabric Workshop, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

8- 1989 Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation Award, Baltimore, Maryland.

9 -1990 Annual Youth Friends Award, School Arts League, New York,

10 - 1990 LaNapoule Foundation Award, LaNapoule, France.

11 - 1991 The Studio Museum in Harlem, Honors the Artist of the Year,

12 - 1991  Tar Beach wins many awards:
                 School Library Journal, Seasame Street, Parents Magazine , New York Times
                 California Children's Book, Video and Software
                 Award, Publishers Weekly, Parents Choice

13 - 1992 Coretta Scott King Award for Illustration: Tar Beach.

14 - 1992 Caldecott Honor Book: Tar Beach

15 - 1993  Jane Addam’s Peace Association Picture Book Award for
                 Aunt Harriet’s Underground Railroad in the Sky, November 9, 1993

16 - 1994 “Womens Caucus for Art Honor Awards Exhibition,” 15th
                 Annual, Queens Museum of Art, Flushing, New York, January 25, 1994

17 - 1995 Townsend Harris Medal City College of NY Alum Assoc

18 - 1996 Spirit of Woman Award presented by the National Museum
                 of Women of the Arts, Washington, DC, May 22, 1996

19 - 1977 Arts Person of the Year,” The New Jersey Center

20 - 1997/1998 Pennsylvania Young Readers Choice Award

21 - 1998 Pro Choice Activist Award, NARAL April 30,1998

22 - 1999 Banks Street, May 27, 1999

23 - 1999 City Arts Award, June 14, 1999

24 - 1999 Art alliance (Scholastic) April 13, 1999

25 - 1999 NAACP Image Award

26 - 2000 Mary Grove College, Honory Art Degree

27 - 2001 Art Institute, Chicago, IL, May 19,2001

28 - 2001 Dedicators Award 10/27/01

29 - 2002 California Art Educators Association Living Artists Award

30 - 2004 National Visionary Leadership Project

31 - 2004 The American Academy of Arts and Letters Award

32 - 2005 Moore College of Art and Design’s Visionary Women Award

33 - 2005 Amistad Center for Art & Culture Presidents Award

34 - 2006 James A. Porter Colloquium on African American Art Honoree

35 - 2006 Teacher of the Year, NYC Teachers Assn October 28, 2006

36 - 2006 Harlem Arts Alliance Golden Legacy Visual Arts Award

37 - 2007 Wisdom Award , National Visionary Leadership Program, Washington, DC

38 - 2007 Leadership Award, Congressional Black Caucus Spouses, Washington, DC

39 - 2008 National Women’s History Project

40 - 2009 LitWorld Story Power Award, NYC

41 - 2010 Black Art History Makers Award, 51st National Conference Artists of New York

42 - 2010 New York City Council Citation presented by Councilman Robert Jackson

43 - 2011 College Art Association - Distinguished Feminist Award at the 99th annual conference Met        
                Museum, NYC Distinguished Feminist Award, Faith Ringgold Feb 10, 2011

44 - 2011 John Jay College Malcom/King Breakfast honoree on Feb 25, 2011 , NYC

45 - 2011 May 12, 2011 Faith Ringgold will receive the “2011 Celebrating Women® Award” The                  
                   New York Women’s Foundation NYWF

46 - May 12, 2011
         Barbara Boggs Award from Womanspace, Forrestal, NJ 

47 - October 6, 2011
         The City College of New York presented 
          Faith Ringgold with the first Cultural Arts Award.
         Bronze sculpture by Otto Neals
         Quilt exhibition"Honoring Faith"

48 - Oct 20, 2011
        Thelma Golding Award
       AskWith Forum
       Cambridge, MA

           Left to right: Sylvia Gail Kinard, Esq. (Moderator); Artist Faith Ringgold; Andrea Pinkney, VP & Senior Editor Scholastic Books; Dean Carlyle Thompson (Medgar Evers College); Professor Tonya Hegamin (panelist)
49           May 9, 2013
                Medgar Evers College
                Office of Diversity and Affirmative Action
               Brooklyn, NY
               Lifetime Achievement Award

50          Sept 13, 2013
            Legends Award from the National Black Arts Festival
            Atlanta, Georgia
             See photo

51          October 9, 2014
             Award from National Assoc of Women Artist, NYC

52   October 14, 2014 -
         Award from Groundswell, NYC

53  October 15, 2015 -
       Award for the Artists Fellowship Foundation, NYC

54   June 20, 2015
           American Association of University Women (AAUW)
         2015 AAUW Alumnae Recognition Award
          Conference in San Diego, CA 
           AAUW Creative Arts Award Fellowship in 1976 

NYFA   Hall of Fame Award  April 12, 2016

55.    April 12, 2016
        New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA)
         2016 Hall of Fame Award (Fellow in Painting '88)

Link to a large Black and White photo of Faith Ringgold

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